The Big Fanlistings Update; To-Do List Update
Jim Can't Stop Me Now
Gee, I'm so tired! The work I did looked like way less than it truly was, so it hit me hard. Fanlistings, for now, are done and out of the way. There is still one more I need to do, but it's not due until later this month and I'd like to put it off to work on other things due before then. So anyway, without further rambles...

New fanlistings! Pretty, pretty! Shiny, shiny!
 Erasing Puzzles  Dance of Fire  Special Agent  To Die For  GAME ON!

To-Do List as of 4/06/2011:
♥ Cosplay: Eager Love Revenge Miku for Anime Boston 2011 Delayed
♥ Cosplay: Magnet Miku for Anime Boston 2011 Delayed
♥ Cosplay: Fix-up two other (DGM + Hetalia) cosplays for AB'11
♥ Fanlistings: Build website for Degrassi
♥ Revamp
♥ Revamp
♥ Revamp
♥ Write Gaia Online fanfic exchange, chapter 4/5

To-Do List Update
Tagami In Awe
It has certainly been a while since I last posted here, hasn't it? Little updates and such have been done to keep my websites running over all this time, but no biggies. I'm hoping to change that this year!

Major website revamps and new fanlistings, anyone?

To-Do List as of 3/06/2011:
♥ Fanlistings: Build site for IWAKO puzzle erasers
♥ Fanlistings: Build site for Rex of Generator Rex
♥ Fanlistings: Build site for Ronald Knox
♥ Fanlistings: Build site for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
♥ Fanlistings: Build site for Yu Kanda and Lavi's relationship
♥ Revamp
♥ Revamp
♥ Revamp
♥ Write Gaia Online fanfic exchange, chapter 4/5

To-Do List Update
Lavi WHAT?!
It's late (well, early), I'm tired, and yet I cannot sleep. So here's a To-Do List update involving some of my many hobbies. It hasn't really changed much and, as per usual, not everything's on here that I need to do in hobby land, but eh. Good enough.

To-Do List as of 7/21/2010:
♥ Finish revamp
♥ Write Gaia Online fanfic exchange, chapter 3/5
♥ Update links on MS.Net and
♥ Upload a ton of photos and videos to Facebook

To-Do List Update... blah, blah, blah...
Sho oh noes!!!
I haven't gotten much done since I got a concussion May 27th and it's been bothering me this past week, but I did work a bit on before that. Mainly the writing section, but it's coming along. And lol, my hobby To-Do List increased again. *shakes fist* I will defeat you and narrow you down to nothing one of these times, list!

To-Do List as of 6/3/2010:
♥ Finish revamp
♥ Write Gaia Online fanfic exchange + bonus
♥ Prepare and finish cosplays for ConnectiCon
♥ Fix that particular error with a few websites

I'm a happy person about all this!
Lavi Hearts
I got two cosplay posts posted to here and a couple of other communities. Those are previews to what the cosplay section of will look like. Basically it'll have photoshoots and events, including conventions I attend, posted up. There will even be a log of the cosplays I did. Reminds me that I should make a account.

In other news, I finished my web and graphic design portfolio Midnight Lullaby Designs. It's nice and neat now, and a heck of a lot smaller than my original website there. I feel a lot more relaxed now that I think about it. Having a large website is too stressful for me. Now that MLD is the way it is, I feel like I can display my creations easier too.

My hobby To-Do List is so small now! I'm still overjoyed that I worked so hard, but alas, is probably the biggest project, which means I have a lot of work cut out for me still.

To-Do List as of 5/17/2010:
♥ Finish revamp
♥ Write that US/UK fanfic for pure_curse


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