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Three fanlistings down, two to go!

I finished up those pages (the about and extras) on the Sebastian and Grell relationship fanlisting, and got the Jim Crocodile Cook fanlisting revamp done, as well as the Johan and Judai relationship one. Now all I need to do is complete Anime Boston's revamp, then build Blue & Hige's relationship fanlisting.

However, with the upcoming busy weekend where I'll be away on the other side of the state, combined with a major test I need to devote all of next week to relaxing for, it looks like I may not finish with my fanlistings until after next week is over. Thankfully Blue & Hige's isn't due until March 21st, and Anime Boston will probably hold up despite the very buggy old frame layout from 2008. I can only hope. lol

Unfortunately all of that doesn't include the many other things I need to do offline, get money for, etc. My time is so limited this month. Oh, March, why are you such a busy month?

To-Do List as of 3/3/2010:
♥ Finish revamp
♥ Changing my graphics website into a portfolio with free icons
♥ Fanlistings: Revamp for; Anime Boston
♥ Fanlistings: Build site for Blue and Hige's relationship
♥ Edit and clean-up deviantART + SheezyART galleries
♥ Finish that fanart for madnesshp (wicked_bees)'s fanfic
♥ Finish "Claustrophobia" UK/US fanfic
♥ Finish cosplays for upcoming events
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