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  • yohlee

The Big Fanlistings Update; To-Do List Update

Gee, I'm so tired! The work I did looked like way less than it truly was, so it hit me hard. Fanlistings, for now, are done and out of the way. There is still one more I need to do, but it's not due until later this month and I'd like to put it off to work on other things due before then. So anyway, without further rambles...

New fanlistings! Pretty, pretty! Shiny, shiny!
 Erasing Puzzles  Dance of Fire  Special Agent  To Die For  GAME ON!

To-Do List as of 4/06/2011:
♥ Cosplay: Eager Love Revenge Miku for Anime Boston 2011 Delayed
♥ Cosplay: Magnet Miku for Anime Boston 2011 Delayed
♥ Cosplay: Fix-up two other (DGM + Hetalia) cosplays for AB'11
♥ Fanlistings: Build website for Degrassi
♥ Revamp DreamerSoul.net
♥ Revamp MentalSugar.net
♥ Revamp ShallowShadows.com
♥ Write Gaia Online fanfic exchange, chapter 4/5