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April showers bring May flowers...

Turns out April was a busy month for me, and May will be another one, but not to fret! I'm going to work hard this month during my free time to finish up my website stuff. I owe that much to them, seeing as they're very precious to me.

My hobby To-Do List really shrank lately! I'm glad I worked so hard back in February and March, it really took off a lot of pressure. Now all I have to do are the things on the new list. I'm so happy about this! Huzzah!

To-Do List as of 5/1/2010:
♥ Finish revamp
♥ Changing my graphics website into a portfolio with free icons
♥ Write that US/UK fanfic for pure_curse
♥ Post US/UK/US cosplay photoshoot + event pics to usxuk and hetalia
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