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I'm a happy person about all this!

I got two cosplay posts posted to here and a couple of other communities. Those are previews to what the cosplay section of will look like. Basically it'll have photoshoots and events, including conventions I attend, posted up. There will even be a log of the cosplays I did. Reminds me that I should make a account.

In other news, I finished my web and graphic design portfolio Midnight Lullaby Designs. It's nice and neat now, and a heck of a lot smaller than my original website there. I feel a lot more relaxed now that I think about it. Having a large website is too stressful for me. Now that MLD is the way it is, I feel like I can display my creations easier too.

My hobby To-Do List is so small now! I'm still overjoyed that I worked so hard, but alas, is probably the biggest project, which means I have a lot of work cut out for me still.

To-Do List as of 5/17/2010:
♥ Finish revamp
♥ Write that US/UK fanfic for pure_curse
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