America Heart

[Cosplay] England's Birthday in Boston

Notes: Hi again! This time I bring you some photos from the England's birthday meet-up in Boston. If you're in the photos and have an LJ, please let me know so I can credit you. Also, my apologies if I didn't get you in any photos. I usually get so caught up in events that I barely take pictures. scribblefish and our Seychelles are the awesome people who borrowed my camera to take over half of these.


Texture by Textuures.

Colonial!England: pure_curse
Little America: yohlee
Casual!England/Igiko: heavensealed
Photographers: yohlee, scribblefish, alyssathai

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America Heart

[Cosplay] Colonial-ish UK+US Photoshoot

Notes: Hi, everyone! I hope you enjoy this little photoshoot my England and I did for fun with the help of our Romano. The setting is Iggy's family campground. There is a lot of hugging, cheek-kissing, and doting father/brother England in here. I still don't know how I finally managed to narrow down the 112 photos to 44 to share, but I did!

Warnings: It's mainly innocent, except for Romano's middle finger in the very last bonus photo.


Texture by Textuures.

England: pure_curse
Little America: yohlee
Photographer!S.Italy: AcerbusLuna

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Tagami In Awe

April showers bring May flowers...

Turns out April was a busy month for me, and May will be another one, but not to fret! I'm going to work hard this month during my free time to finish up my website stuff. I owe that much to them, seeing as they're very precious to me.

My hobby To-Do List really shrank lately! I'm glad I worked so hard back in February and March, it really took off a lot of pressure. Now all I have to do are the things on the new list. I'm so happy about this! Huzzah!

To-Do List as of 5/1/2010:
♥ Finish revamp
♥ Changing my graphics website into a portfolio with free icons
♥ Write that US/UK fanfic for pure_curse
♥ Post US/UK/US cosplay photoshoot + event pics to usxuk and hetalia
Riku Worried

I actually got some of this done?

I can't believe it, but I actually got some of the stuff on that To-Do List done this month despite my busyness and the unexpected flood damage my house received. $50,000 - $80,000 in damages from the five feet that was in our basement and two to three that was outside. No exaggeration. Didn't see that coming...

Anyway, here's a little list of things I finished. Completed that one-shot UK/US fanfic; finished Blue and Hige's relationship fanlisting at the very last minute; finished Anime Boston fanlisting revamp. I'm proud to say I'm done with all of my fanlistings for the time being. There may be little things here and there I'll have to fix later, but for now they're fine. :)

I doubt I'll get any of this revised To-Do List done before the upcoming anime convention April 2nd - 4th, aside from the cosplay of course, but I'll probably try to do at least something from it before then.

To-Do List as of 3/26/2010:
♥ Finish revamp
♥ Changing my graphics website into a portfolio with free icons
♥ Edit and clean-up deviantART gallery
♥ Finish that fanart for madnesshp (wicked_bees)'s fanfic
♥ Finish cosplays for upcoming events
♥ Update Gaia Online profile, update shop, etc.
Lavi WHAT?!

Three fanlistings down, two to go!

I finished up those pages (the about and extras) on the Sebastian and Grell relationship fanlisting, and got the Jim Crocodile Cook fanlisting revamp done, as well as the Johan and Judai relationship one. Now all I need to do is complete Anime Boston's revamp, then build Blue & Hige's relationship fanlisting.

However, with the upcoming busy weekend where I'll be away on the other side of the state, combined with a major test I need to devote all of next week to relaxing for, it looks like I may not finish with my fanlistings until after next week is over. Thankfully Blue & Hige's isn't due until March 21st, and Anime Boston will probably hold up despite the very buggy old frame layout from 2008. I can only hope. lol

Unfortunately all of that doesn't include the many other things I need to do offline, get money for, etc. My time is so limited this month. Oh, March, why are you such a busy month?

To-Do List as of 3/3/2010:
♥ Finish revamp
♥ Changing my graphics website into a portfolio with free icons
♥ Fanlistings: Revamp for; Anime Boston
♥ Fanlistings: Build site for Blue and Hige's relationship
♥ Edit and clean-up deviantART + SheezyART galleries
♥ Finish that fanart for madnesshp (wicked_bees)'s fanfic
♥ Finish "Claustrophobia" UK/US fanfic
♥ Finish cosplays for upcoming events
Sebby WTF moment

Transfer of Bewildered is complete!

I finally finished transferring Bewildered to DreamerSoul.Net's main servers. At least, for the most part. I upped all the pages to DreamerSoul.Net's main servers; re-uploaded the fanlisting icons, link out buttons + banners; edited a lot of the pages on the website; edited the layout, etc. There may be some things I'll have to edit still, but for now it's fine.

Over the past four months, I've applied for three fanlistings over at The Anime Fanlistings, but I never received replies for them. Do they not send rejection emails anymore? They're on my safe list for email, and I don't go on the forums or ask around, so I'm not sure. Maybe my forms never went through?

EDIT 2/21/2010 9:15PM: Actually, just about half an hour ago I received an approval email for one of the subjects I applied for. I'm still curious why I didn't get rejection emails for the other ones when clearly people were approved for them a couple months after. *shrugs* Oh well, I guess.

To-Do List as of 2/21/2010:
♥ Finish revamp
♥ Changing my graphics website into a portfolio with free icons
♥ Fanlistings: Revamps for; Anime Boston, Jim C. Cook, Johan & Judai
♥ Fanlistings: Finish pages on Sebastian & Grell
♥ Fanlistings: Build site for Hige & Blue's relationship
♥ Edit and clean-up deviantART + SheezyART galleries
America Heart

MentalSugar.Net's revamp is complete!

The contest ended Sunday, so I decided to update MentalSugar.Net Monday and Tuesday. The layout was revised for a simpler, cleaner look, with the menu now being above the text rather than beside it. I think it looks rather nice, even if I had a soft spot for the previous format. I do really enjoy image maps.

The new network section on the website features all of my websites, upcoming projects, possible projects, and some of my many accounts around the www. It's clean, neat, and organized, so it should be easy for everyone to look through. Not only that, but I like how I got to reuse the box div. It's simple, yet reminded me somewhat of an old Hollywood filmstrip and thus matched the layout featuring America from Hetalia.

Upcoming things I'll be working on this month (if I get to it):
Editing this community layout a little more
♥ Finishing the revamp at
Transferring Bewildered to DreamerSoul.Net's main servers
♥ Changing my graphics website into a portfolio with free icons

That's all for now!
Jim Can't Stop Me Now

If you're wondering why this place is empty...

Hello! Usage of this community will start sometime this week if I get around to it, but I can't guarantee it because I'm participating in a contest the entire week which requires a lot of work, as well as attending a Valentine's Hetalia event the 13th. If you're here for updates regarding my websites and other hobbies (drawing, writing, etc), you've still come to the right place, I simply haven't gotten around to editing the com much or posting.